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These pictures were taken on the 08th September at the Star of Down parade in Newcastle Co.Down. I still had the photos in my camera since then and have only got around to uploading them now. It shows how busy I am :)

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This is a young spectator who is ready to start his own band with his very own uniform.

NEWCASTLE2.JPG (16154 bytes)

Ballynahinch Protestant Boys were on parade at Bessbrook True Blues parade on Friday 28th July and South Belfast Young Conquerors parade on Saturday 29th July. The pictures are from Bessbrooks parade. There was a big turnout of bands on Saturday with Downshire Guiding Star getting the best overall band.

Bess1.jpg (60374 bytes)    Bess2.jpg (46706 bytes)    Bess3.jpg (47945 bytes)

Bess4.jpg (57589 bytes)    Bess5.jpg (50271 bytes)    Bess6.jpg (53584 bytes)

The band went to the Shankill Road Belfast on Saturday 07th July for a Trevor King parade. These are just some pictures of some of the bands which took part.

Shank1.jpg (58675 bytes)    Shank2.jpg (64436 bytes)    Shank3.jpg (62378 bytes)

Shank4.jpg (60413 bytes)    Shank5.jpg (53995 bytes)    Shank6.jpg (57754 bytes)

The band attended the Red Hand Defenders Downpatrick parade on Friday 29th June and a Commemeration of the Somme Parade on Saturday 30th June. There are three pictures of bands that were at Downpatrick and a picture of what the bands had to face when they marched up to police lines. There is also pictures of our bands new flags and bannarette when the were on parade in Ballynahinch.

Bess.jpg (46843 bytes)    Ebpb11.jpg (60245 bytes)    Rsv1.jpg (59972 bytes)

Dmsu.jpg (41016 bytes)

Bpb2.jpg (69543 bytes)    Bpb3.jpg (59462 bytes)

The band attended the William Strain William Lightbody's parade on Friday 15th June and East Belfast U.V.F Memorial parade on Saturday 16th June. The pictures are from the parade in East Belfast.

Dgsfb.jpg (79793 bytes)    Mural.jpg (56892 bytes)    Mural1.jpg (72372 bytes)

Wsmfb.jpg (69599 bytes)    Wswlfb.jpg (68458 bytes)

The band attended Pride of the Hills parade on Friday 8th June and Armagh True Blues parade on Saturday 9th June. There was big attendances at both parades with large amounts of spectators at each. The pictures are of bands from both parades.

Blue1.jpg (57936 bytes)    Cyd.jpg (53551 bytes)    Ebpfb1.jpg (44788 bytes)

Sbyc2.jpg (57312 bytes)    Ugfb.jpg (62760 bytes)

The band attended Kilcluney Volunteers Band Parade on Friday 1st June. This was one of the premier events of the year with 71 bands attending from Northern Ireland and Scotland. Here is a few pictures of some of the bands on parade in Markethill. One is of a certain bus on the way home.

Ass.jpg (49204 bytes)    Blue.jpg (50923 bytes)    Bus.jpg (54998 bytes)

Gfb.jpg (56747 bytes)    Pd.jpg (49097 bytes)    Poth2.jpg (95177 bytes)

The band attended Kinallen Flute Bands Parade on Friday 25th May. This was a very well attended parade with 40+ bands marching. Here are some pictures of a few bands that were on parade. Sorry for the white speckles in the photos but the camera seemed to pick up on the rain.

Sod.jpg (50048 bytes)    Sddn.jpg (61842 bytes)    Hpb.jpg (57849 bytes)

Poth.jpg (62036 bytes)    Poth1.jpg (67257 bytes)    Cpb.jpg (70841 bytes)

Some pictures of the bands which attended Annalong Single Star's Parade on Friday 18th May. 

Bpb.jpg (40780 bytes)    Dyl.jpg (71685 bytes)    Kvfb.jpg (60732 bytes)

Myd.jpg (41917 bytes)    Pok.jpg (58276 bytes)    Sbyc.jpg (86645 bytes)

Here is a few pictures of our band and an extra one of a member of the William Savage Memorial band. The pictures were taken of the band when they were on parade at the East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band parade on Friday 11th May. There was an excellent attendance of bands which came from all parts of the country. There was a good attendance of supporters also.

Bpb1.jpg (59720 bytes)    Bpb2.jpg (74947 bytes)

Bpb3.jpg (73480 bytes)

Here are some picture from the WIlliam Savage Memorial parade which was in Killyleagh on Friday 4th May. There was a good attendance of bands which mostly traveled from the Greater/Belfast area. There was also a good attendance of supporters for the parade.

Sorry for the lack of quality of pictures. If you would like to see a photo enlarged just click on it.

Band1.JPG (52073 bytes)    Band2.JPG (53938 bytes)    Band3.JPG (52835 bytes)

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